Uganda: gay rights campaigner Kasha Nabagesera

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Very sad indeed. And all this because of american so called christians comming to Uganda spreading the hate they are not allowed to spread in the US.

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Persecution of Uganda’s Gays Intensifies as Rights Groups Go Underground | Inter Press Service

No Story Worth Dying For? For years, they did this in the face of government hostility and widespread homophobia, but at least they worked under the protection of the constitution.

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However, since the signing of the anti-homosexuality act this February, that may no longer be the case. In recent years, legislative homophobia has been sweeping slowly across Africa with Nigeria passing new anti-homosexual legislation this January and the likes of Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo threatening to follow in its footsteps.

Since at least , when MP David Bahati first tabled the anti-homosexuality bill, Uganda has very much been at the vanguard of this movement.

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Many onlookers remain unconvinced. There is more fear now, but we were always fearful and the bill has brought us together to work harder.

Persecution of Uganda’s Gays Intensifies as Rights Groups Go Underground

In February, however, after half a decade of to-ing and fro-ing , these deferrals finally came to an end and, in the face of overwhelming domestic support for the anti-gay bill, Museveni signed it into law. People are being chased away from their place of work.

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People are getting beaten for nothing. In this environment, victims of discrimination have perhaps needed the support of civil society groups more than ever. But although LGBTI organisations are well-experienced in dealing with hostility and homophobia, they are more anxious now too. But the outcome of a recent legal case seems to undermine this claim. The workshop had been convened to help LGBTI activists develop advocacy and leadership skills, and the plaintiffs maintained that Lokodo had violated their basic rights of assembly.

Bahati's reference to sin reveals the direct connection between Uganda's politicians and a group of very influential pastors.

One of these pastors is Moses Solomon Male, who travels the country presenting his talk, Understanding the Challenges of Homosexuality Sodomy. It ruins the anus. And they say they enjoy it," said Male in a recent speech to Sunday-school pupils in a Kampala suburb.

The spread of homophobia

He also described the cornerstone of both the pastors' and the politicians' argument against homosexuals: LGBT rights advocates are doing their best to challenge these views — and the bill. One of these, transsexual activist Pepe Julian Onziema, has courageously come out with his message as well as his sexuality.

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